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Welcome! For more than 130 years, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church has been providing encouragement, comfort, support, and friendship for people of all ages and at all stages of life. How? By communicating to our members and the surrounding rural community God’s unchanging and undeserved love, which he displayed by sending his Son Jesus Christ to live in our place and die for our sins.

Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church

Latest Sermon

Pentecost 23 Oct 23, 2016

The mind of God has always been occupied with one great thought from eternity: having humans dwell in fellowship with him forever in heaven. In this sermon, the last in a series of sermons on confessional Lutheran doctrine, Pastor Biebert covers what the Bible has to say about evangelism - the task of making that one great thought, and how God put it into effect, known to others. Pastor Biebert covers:

  1. The Necessity of Evangelism
  2. The Agents of Evangelism
  3. The Results of Evangelism
  4. Ways to Evangelize

Recent News

Sep 3, 2016
Luther House Museum in Wittenberg
The Luther House Museum in Wittenberg, Germany. The museum is undergoing updates and renovations in preparation for the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation next year, which has enabled the Minneapolis Institute of Art to borrow and display a number of its artifacts in an upcoming Luther exhibition.

From October 30 to January 15, more than 100 objects that have never traveled to North America will be on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA). This exhibition is titled “Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation.” Grace and St. Paul are organizing two trips to this exhibition.