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Welcome! For more than 130 years, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church has been providing encouragement, comfort, support, and friendship for people of all ages and at all stages of life. How? By communicating to our members and the surrounding rural community God’s unchanging and undeserved love, which he displayed by sending his Son Jesus Christ to live and die for us.

Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church

Latest Sermon

Pentecost 10 Jul 24, 2016

This is the ninth in a series of sermons on confessional Lutheran doctrine. In this sermon, Pastor Biebert covers eschatology, the study of the things that will happen at the end of the world. He breaks down this popular and important subject into four subtopics - the end of time in general, the end of our lives on earth, Judgment Day, and eternity.

Recent News

Jul 2, 2016
2015 WAWYC
Attendees from last year's campout gathered around the fire

This year’s Wausau Area WELS Youth Campout is scheduled for July 15-16. The campout will provide opportunities for young people to hear God’s word and engage in a number of activities - an instrumental singalong with two area WELS pastors, volleyball, horseshoes, night games, foosball, air hockey, and a paintball outing. The event is open to WELS members and their friends who are entering 8th grade through age 18. Reservations are requested by Wednesday, July 13.